Friday, October 8, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quote of the day.

Remember that the toes you step on today maybe attached to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow.

Friday, September 17, 2010

And whose eyes I gaze and see my own reflection and see the whole world and all that is possible and true. For when I look upon her, my heart says only “There, There is my queen and what a privilege it would be to love her.“ - Prince Charming (2001) movie. If you ever get the chance to watch it, watch it. It is a very sweet movie.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stage combat

Just got done with the last stage combat class. It was a lot of fun. If you ever get the chance to do it, do it! You maybe tired and sore but it will be worth it especially if you are trying to get a job in theater. My instructor was Erick Wolfe who is really cool. He has work with Brad Pitt. Got killed by Angelina Jolie. Was in Troy and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. (FYI this is a picture from my class I'm the one on stage on the far right. ^-^)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Really good series.

It is paranormal romance and it mostly about werewolves however it does cover all the other paranormal creature as well. (example: faes, vampires, ghost, spirits, witches, ect)  Oh and this is the order they go in. So please check them out. ^.^

Interesting Version of Swan Lake

This what happens when I get bored.

This is a creative writing I did in high school. Hope you like it.

"I walk through the light for what seems like hours til I reach the gates that block this world from the next. The writing on the gates was in a language in which I did not recognized, but as I looked on, words start flowing though my head.

"Beyond this gate lies a world meant for eyes who see what can not be seen and ears who hear what is meant to be heard. Those who can not do these acts shall be forever shrouded in darkness and forced to walk shadows to never see the light again."

As these thoughts went through my head the doors open to a world of darkness. The darkness spreads covering up the light that once was around me. Arms made of shadows start pulling me in, suffocating me to the point that I could barely breathe. Wrapping around me is darkness so I can only see the dark. No light, no sound, not even a whisper. Just silence... The silence was deafening. I try to call out, but as soon as I did the shadows stole my voice, crushing it into a million pieces and vanishing into nothing. However that one cry echo through out the darkness. Soon it became as deafening as the silence. No one could hear it. No one to pull me from this death trap. Forever lost and forever alone.

As time went by and slowly I came costume to the silence, when the echo finally died. For awhile I thought I lost my hearing and my sight when all of a sudden a whisper came to my ears.

"Can you hear me?" 

Was this what was meant to be heard? As I thought to myself I smiled a small smile. Maybe there's hope yet. Unfortunately that was all I heard. Nothing else came. I strain my ears to hear more whispers, but none ever came. Slowly I started to die inside to the point where I was a lifeless doll. The shadows then slowly let me go and I started to fall. Falling and falling like falling into a endless pit. I fell until I stopped. Like someone caught me. Carefully I was put down. Then I hear.

" Can you hear me?" 

I open my eyes, but I still could only see darkness. I shook my head yes sense I couldn't speak.

" Sigh... Good. I like to ask for your forgiveness. This was not your punishment to serve. Your eyes saw the unseen and your ears heard the unheard. Please forgive me." 

As soon as the voice finished a rush of light flooded the room blinding me for a second. I opened my eyes and I was back in the white room of light in front of the gates. No one is around me and I am alone. I get up and look back up at the gates and realize they were different. The first set gates were like doors of darkness with the cold chill of death radiating off of them. The gates in front of me were like doors of light and a sense of warmth and life radiating from them. The doors soon opened and a bright light shown through. As I walked in I heard the voice one last time.

" Sorry."     

Tell me what you think please.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well I'm scared

I ordered books from Amazon and i need them before this Thursday and it looks like thats not going to happen. ToT ( <---- me crying). 

Friday, September 3, 2010


If you guys are bored and want something to read. Then this might spark your interest. There is a comic on deviantart called "Roommates" by AsheRhyder where she took Jareth and Sarah from Labyrinth, Eric and Christine from Phantom of the Opera, James Norrington Pirates of the Caribbean, and Javert from Les Misérables along with a few other characters who are all living in an apartment building where a whole lot of stuff happens. There is also another comic done by Pika-la-Cynique called Girls Next Door (GND) where it is in the point of view of the girls mostly Sarah and Christine having to deal with Jareth and Eric antics. Oh and there is also Down the Street done by HeroesDaughter where the rest of the characters live. All three are really good so check them out. (If you haven't guessed I'm rooting for Jareth and Sarah) (FIY the pic is from Pika-la-Cynique collection.)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

work on the play

I'm working on the play this year. We are doing the Matchmaker and I get to do sound. I'm happy about that. supposedly its going to be very funny. I really hope so.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In class right now.

I love being able to have my computer in class. hehe

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I love my job.

I work at the college here on campus and i love it. it mostly consist of me either running errand or sitting on my butt playing on the computer wait for someone to come along who needs help with something (I work in student services). My boss is great too. What is going to make me sad is that I'll probably never have another job like this ever again. T-T  (<--- tears)

Monday, August 30, 2010


Ok just so you guys know i don't do much blogging, so you might be seeing saying a few things about my life or may be poems i have done. and if i feel like i might put the story i'm working on here. so yeah deal with sorry.

College Life

If I didn't get it before I do now. College is super expensive. books are costing me about 700 (if i get them from the bookstore) so take note get your books from online.